Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last monday night RAW of 2008

Yet another year completed successfully. Today night the last RAW screening of 2008 will take place. RAW started as usual with the cool music blast and general manager Michel Cole welcoming ever one to the grand night.
Rey Mysterio enters into the ring and calls JBL. Rey calls H BK and talks and convinces him. In the mean while Mike Knox enters into the ring suddenly and starts beating Re Mysterio. JBL enters the ring and watches him. At last John Cena enters the ring and saves Rey and stands by him.

The first match was between Coody and CM Punk. Due to distraction of punk in the middle of the match by regal coody wins the match.
-Up next was a 10 man tag team match and the contenders were-john cena, Rey Mysterio,kane,kofi Kingston,the miz,mike konx,john morrison

Initially Kane takes control of the match but in the end Rey mysterio takes into control and wins the tag team match for the team-Rey,john cena,kofi Kingston.


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