Saturday, April 11, 2009

AI's New Advancement into Business????

At last AI has stepped into business fields. AI- artificial Intelligence. Well to say about AI. It is the ability of a computer to think and work by itself. It gives a scope to the users of just submitting a task, now its up to the computer to decide as to how to handle the task. An artificial Intelligent computer has to be only fed the data and it will produce the desired output to the end users. Now a days AI is used in most of our dail use applications. To explain AI in a more simple way lets take an example of email processor. Have you ever thought how mails are split and sent to bulk mail,junk,spam and inbox folders. Hmmm yes its the work of AI. Its the work the highly or i should say artificially intelligent email client.
Now AI is expanding its era into business. Its has been developed in a scope to analyze wide array of data across multiple variables to determine patterns or relationships. Also it'll be working to predict and monitor the monetary flaws and stock markets. Also used in banks to monitor millions of money transactions in a very safe and secure way. Provides newer opportunities, increases revenues and also reduces frauds....

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